Jemimah Thomas

Jemimah Thomas attended Illinois Institute of Technology and began working in face-to-face fundraising immediately after college. She previously ran a team of fundraisers at a different company but grew a passion for face-to-face. In March of 2012 Thomas was intrigued by the Management Training Program at Keystone and transitioned into the new company quite easily. Thomas joined Keystone Fundraising to grow and challenge herself and her knowledge and experiences in face-to-face fundraising have only expanded since she has been on board.

Lauren Imgrund

Lauren Imgrund graduated from West Chester University and began working in face-to-face fundraising with CARE. Through CARE, Lauren developed an understanding and passion for face-to-face fundraising and after a year long hiatus, she made the decision to get back into the business in any way she could. In May of 2012 Imgrund began working for Keystone and has since been a part of an innovative team. Since joining Keystone, Lauren has become part of a successful model within the fundraising arena.


“It’s a very gratifying feeling to know that you’re working for an entity whose sole purpose is to help fund the programs that provide aid to children in such dire need. Keystone is a company where people can take pride in what they do and also feel encouraged to take advantage of the great deal of upward mobility that we are afforded. The conflation of being able to perform such a selfless task and reap a personal benefit at the same time is the type of work that people strive to be involved with—and we get to be a part of it everyday!”

Darren Corrao

Darren Corrao studied International Business and Marketing at the University of Wisconsin before working in National Retail Management. However, Corrao’s real passion was in charities and non-profits. In March of 2010, Corrao took the chance to work at Keystone and combine his love for making a difference with an incredible career opportunity.

 “I love our team—seeing coworkers become friends, fundraisers develop into leaders and teams evolve into families. I work with the most incredible people every single day!”


Matt Johnson

matt uploadAfter graduating from the University of Minnesota: Twin Cities and L’Université Montpellier 1: Fac de Droit, Matt Johnson was waiting tables and feeling displaced in his career. Johnson was originally inspired to leave his day job when he hear of Keystone’s charity client, UNHCR. He had learned about the UN Refugee Agency’s cause throughout his studies and built a strong passion towards bettering their issues. In December 2010 Johnson began working for Keystone and excitedly jumped on board the team and behind the cause.


“I get to save babies every day with some of my best friends! What’s not to love about Keystone?”